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Welcome To Coach Cherie - Strategic Results Coaching
Get out of your way and into your life

Have you tried it all…you've spent a small fortune on self help books, therapy, and business books, training programs, and motivational seminars only to find that complacency seems always to return with time?  Is there a gap where you are and where you want to be?  Have you wanted to close the gap for so long that you’ve lost hope?  Are you frustrated, angry and despondent thinking that something’s wrong because you have not been able to make "it" happen. – I believe Einstein may have said it best, "The mind that got you into trouble can’t be the one to get you out!" 

Strategic Results Coaching delivers true, lasting, quantifiable results! Over the last 17 years, I have helped many people get out of their own way and get the life they've envisioned.  The concept for my Strategic Results Coaching is not in focusing on ‘Why is my life like this?' but, 'How do I get the life I envisioned'?

I believe this statement: "You can’t coach masterfully a game you haven't lived masterfully." I have mastered getting out of my own way and getting the life I want.  Now I’m committed to bring these strategies to others.  (Go to the Meet Coach Cherie page for my personal story.)

People ask me if I’m a business coach, executive coach, career coach, a coach’s coach, life coach, personal coach or spiritual coach.  My answer is I’m a RESULTS coach!   My clients and I have one goal and one goal only…To pick the lock off their lives and live the life they want. 

I've worked with every aspect of humanity—from the highest level executive, the music artist, the mother and wife, couples in conflict, people transitioning into their own businesses, published writers, radio station owners, recovering addicts (alcoholics, overeaters, debtors), to the young person just out of college.  My specialty is to get people out of their own way and into the lives they want.

My clients say that working with me was the, "missing link between wanting and doing".  "That Coach Cherie is the switch that turned on my Best Self". (Go to the Testimonials page to see the miraculous results of how others have got out of their own way and are living the lives they envisioned.)

Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to your own head and that turbulent mind that has stopped you for so long.  Pick up the phone and let’s talk and see if you feel differently about you and your lifeafter you have talked with me.  What you’re seeking is seeking you; aren’t you tired of it shadowing you all these years?

"If you could have done it yourself, you would have…"

I’m looking forward to talking with you and seeing you live the life you've envisioned.

Your Coach,

Coach Cherie - Straregic Results Coaching

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